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With our extremely broad range of products, unrivalled history and knowledge within the hydraulics and performance fluid transfer industries, HEL Performance can quickly develop a custom product or modify an existing product to meet virtually any need.

HEL Performance are the only aftermarket brake line company in the UK that manufacture all of its own main line fittings in house. If you visit our headquarters in Exeter you will see our fittings being machined on our Star sliding head CNC machines. This reiterates our commitment to the full process of the design, manufacture and supply of our products. It offers us complete control of every aspect of the design and manufacture for OEM requirements.

HEL Performance worked extensively with Norton Motorcycles on the new range of motorcycles, supplying all of the brake and clutch lines for the complete range. We also supply CCM Motorcycles in the UK with their brake line requirements and have worked with various manufacturers on various models including the Aston Martin One-77.


We currently have 12 x Star SR20J machines (20mm bar capacity) 1 x Star SR12 (12mm bar capacity) and have recently added a Star SR38 (38mm bar capacity) to our CNC department. Our pricing on small stainless steel parts is unrivalled due to our ability to machine in-house and can offer quality and cost savings even if you are considering reshoring work to the UK.

We have our own 3D printer (ABS modelling) to allow us to make a prototype of your item very quickly before manufacturing in metal and have our own research and development department which includes a Salt Spray Test Machine, Pressure Test Machine, Co-ordinate Measuring Machine and Shadowgraph facilities.

We believe in continued investment to allow us to stay ahead of the competition at all times. In the last 5 years we have invested over £2.5 million pounds in machinery to keep our machine shop at the cutting edge of technology. Our latest investment has seen our old building being renovated and extended to provide us with the room to grow and to implement a full OEM cell. Within this building is housed our new CNC Milling Department which currently has 2 x Brother S700X1 and 1 x Brother M140X2 to extend our capabilities and allow us to design and produce our calipers and master cylinders.


Our OEM development team will work with you to define your requirements. Then the highly skilled design engineers in our R&D department will proceed using the latest CAD software and our knowledge of accelerated manufacturing systems that cut traditional development time significantly.

Through every process we keep you informed and involved so you know what's happening at every stage of the project :

  • Application review
  • Specification development
  • Design concept review
  • Customer review
  • Prototype production
  • Testing and analysis
  • Compliance testing
  • Final specification and design approvals

We have an exceptional product history in the marketplace and have a great many contacts in the industry – In the unlikely case that we are unable to help in-house we will be able to put you in contact with another world class supplier who will be able to help (tube manipulation, forging, casting, 3d metal printing, testing etc).


Our company is accredited to ISO9001 : 2015, ISO14001 : 2015 and also registered OHSAS18001. Our certification can be viewed and downloaded.

Our brake line products have full ABE approval (Dekra / KBA) so that they are legal for any road in the world. The HEL mark has been accepted and registered with the DOT in the USA and we have also registered with the ADR, NZTA and the Israel Ministry Of Transport.

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